At Oak & Ash Farm we see ourselves as the stewards of this land; it’s health and well being our first priority. We use a variety of sustainable and regenerative farming practices, to achieve a symbiotic relationship that nurtures both the land, and ourselves.

We strive to maintain a healthy forest that works in symbiosis with our farm.

As we selectively cut trees to open land, we leave choice, healthy trees for production of forest products such as maple syrup, animal habitat and overall forest.

Cleared trees are then turned into lumber for building on farm or wood crafting. Branches and less desirable wood is chipped to mulch trees and our market garden walkways.

Alley Cropping and Silvopasture systems then replace the cleared areas where the farming enterprises are taking place between rows of trees. Trees that are now producing nuts, berries, and fruits as food for humans and animals. The alleys or pastures between, are used to raise pastured chickens that are moved daily and are free to graze and forage in a fresh, healthy environment.

Market Garden
We grow all of our CSA crops, using a system of sustainable agriculture called ‘no dig’ or ‘no till’, and secession planting. This allows us to grow a lot of food in a very small space. No dig means we are constantly feeding the soil, adding compost, leaving roots of plants after harvest, and disturbing the soil as little as possible to help maintain the health of the rhizosphere, or system of microorganisms in the soil.

Our view on organic: Becoming a certified organic grower is a lengthy process. We grow almost entirely organic seeds, sourced from the northeast, and do not treat our plants, pasture or animals with any pesticides or herbicides. We strive to leave things to the complex ecosystem and microclimate we have on our farm. In most cases, our practices exceed the guidelines for organic growers.

Everything we do, we do with the health of our planet, ourselves and our animals as our greatest goal.

Our poultry is raised on pasture, moved daily and supplemented with organic non GMO grain only, but allowed to forage on fresh pasture at all times. Our poultry is then processed off site at a certified processing facility.

Bread & Baked Goods
All bread is made on specific equipment, following all state, local and federal guidelines in a certified home kitchen. Lindsey is a ServSafe certified food manager, and takes the greatest care in maintaining health and safety standards.

(*Please note per our COVID procedure policy, all baked goods are made and packaged wearing masks and gloves after following all cleaning and sanitizing procedures.)

We use all local sprouted grains from Ground Up Grain in Hadley, Mass and other local ingredients such as dairy and honey.

Our COVID Policy

We follow all local, state and federal guidelines for farm practices during the COVID pandemic. All produce is picked, packaged and stored while wearing masks and gloves. We aim for 100% contactless pick-up, and will even do curb-side pick up if pre-arranged. We are available for in person transactions or questions, following masked guidelines.

Classes and Thank-You Dinners will either be held outdoors while masked or virtually until it is safe to do so otherwise.