This year, we are happy to offer nine different shares to our farm community family. You can pick and choose, mix and match, what fresh, locally grown shares you would like to receive! Need some help deciding which shares are right for you? We have a quick reference guide to assist you

The Farmstead Style Share
24 boxes, June–December

Salad Share
 24 shares, June–December

Egg Share
26 ½ dozens, June–December

Pastured Poultry Share
12 birds, July–October

An arrangement of breads, baked goods and sourdough starter

Sourdough Share
24 shares, June–December

Herb Share
24 bouquets, June–December

Flower Share
10 bouquets, July–September

Fresh Tea Share
24 boxes, June–December

Mushroom Share
24 boxes, June–December

Which share is right for you?

With so many options, how do you decide which one is right for you? Mix and match as many as you’d like until you get the perfect share for you.

Farmstead Style Share
Great for a family or 1–2 people who love to cook often. Provides enough weekly for a large salad, lots of produce and herbs for several meals, as well as enough tea for 1 large pot, and fruit and flowers seasonally.

Salad Share
Perfect for 1 person who loves to make a big salad, or several smaller salads for the week.

Egg Share
Great for 1–2 people who go through half a dozen eggs in a week. Feeding a family who loves eggs? Add two shares for a full dozen each week.

Sourdough Share
Great for a family or 1–2 people who eat toast or sandwiches several times a week.

Fresh herb share
Perfect for anyone who loves fresh herbs and cooks often. Also doubles as a beautiful rustic bouquet.

Tea Share
Enough to make one large pot of herbal tea (particularly good iced!) or infused water for the whole week.

Flower Share
Add instant joy with a large bouquet of fresh, ready to go flowers that will last the whole week. These can also be broken up into smaller vases to bring beauty to each room!

Pastured Chicken Share
Great for anyone who eats up to 3 chickens over the span of 2 months, or wants to fill their freezer with pastured poultry. Feeding a large family? Want to order enough to stock your freezer for winter? Order two shares for a total of 24 chickens!

We produce more than just veggies and fruit! You can buy items from our store like soap, hand-carved wood products, and maple syrups and we will bundle them with your pick-up. Farmshare members get a discounted price. 

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What is a farmshare or CSA and why do I want one?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” The purpose of a CSA or farm share is twofold:

  1. As the name suggests, the purchase of a share before the growing season starts, supports the farm financially so they are able to buy important items like seeds, materials and even infrastructure. It quite literally helps support the farm. In a case like ours, we are a regenerative farm so it can also be about supporting a TYPE of agricultural practice you believe in, by supporting a farm that uses those practices.
  2. Purchasing a share before the season, also means a discount for the buyer. Farms who sell shares, now have a guaranteed sale and are able to save money by not having to go to market with those items. This means they are able to pass the discount on to the customer.

Why we use this model

Farming is a LOT of work. The majority of this work is done solely by Lindsey, including planning (SO much planning!), sowing, planting, harvesting, packing and marketing. She also does all the baking and helps care for the animals (and our human kids). Matthew works full time and does most of the larger infrastructure work, as well as the orchard planning, planting and management.

Simply put, we are very busy people and there are only 2 of us! By selling shares for what we grow and raise ahead of time, we are able to put our energy into the actual farm work that needs to be done, and grow only what we need to fill our shares. This cuts down on waste, precious growing space and most importantly, our time!

Picking Up Your Shares

We will be open for pick-up on Saturdays, from 12:00 pm–5:00 pm.

243 Allen Road
Belchertown, MA

Some shares are packed in wooden boxes, jars, etc. We ask that each week, when you come to pick up your packed share, you leave your empty box, etc. from the week prior for us to fill for your next share. You will get to keep one of the custom containers at end of the year!

*If you forget your container to swap, we ask that you place your items in a bag, or take a recyclable container we have available, and leave your container behind for the following week’s share.

Our COVID Policy

We follow all local, state and federal guidelines for farm practices during the COVID pandemic. All produce is picked, packaged and stored while wearing masks and gloves. We aim for 100% contactless pick-up, and will even do curb-side pick up if pre-arranged. We are available for in person transactions or questions, following masked guidelines.

Classes and Thank-You Dinners will either be held outdoors while masked or virtually until it is safe to do so otherwise.

Farm Share FAQ

The market garden shed is set up to be completely contactless. You will come to the farm on Saturday, and take your marked box from the fridge. All additional items you ordered, like maple syrup or soap, will be available on an adjacent table marked with your name.

We will pack and have ready all your shares for when you come see us at the farm.

If you can’t leave your car, we are more than happy to walk your order over to you and put it in your car! Simply call the farm number and we will bring it right over.

Payments can be made in person at the market garden with some notice. Please call the farm ahead of your pick-up day to schedule payment time.

Any available mid season shares available will be posted in the online store at a pro-rated rate.

Any quarterly CSA payments not paid 2 months past due will result in a cancelation of the share. You will still be able to purchase available produce in our online store, but will not longer receive you’re share boxes or any other benefits associated with it.