10 weekly bouquets, from July 23rd–the end of September

Each week, receive a beautiful collection of flowers and greenery to brighten your day. Annual cut flowers like sunflowers, specialty cosmos, snapdragons, bachelor’s buttons, and asters, are combined with perennials like roses, daisies, hydrangea, echinacea, and a variety of flowering herbs. Your share will come in a custom mason jar, and you will simply bring your jar back each week and swap it for the new one. Keep your custom jars at the end of the year!

A note on how we grow flowers
Because we believe in letting flowers grow at their own pace, flower shares will start the second to last week in July and run through the last weekend in September. Our greenhouse space is incredibly limited. Therefore most flowers will be planted outdoors in the beginning of June. We also believe in sharing with nature. So many pollinators rely on the food these flowers provide. For this reason, we open up a very limited number of shares, in order to be able to keep 20% for pollinators. Come mid to late autumn, food becomes increasingly scarce for animals. So it is for this reason that we end our flower shares at the end of September, in order to keep the remaining precious blooms for pollinators, and allow them to go to seed for animals to forage come winter.

$85, $8.50/share, 15% off market price