24 pick-ups, June–December (weekly through October, monthly in November & December)

One of our most popular Farmstead CSA offerings last year! Each week, receive a box of fresh herbal teas, enough to make one large pot. Our tea components are grown in our specialty tea garden and throughout the property. Our tea blends include things like fresh mints (in a variety of flavors), rose, raspberry or blueberry leaf and berries, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and lemon basil. These teas are bright and aromatic, and make some of the best ice teas there are! You can even use the brewed leaves and in light herbal water infusion to get the most out of these delicious teas.

For the “winter teas” (in November & December), your share boxes will include a collection of dried teas to get you through the winter months. Blends like chocolate mint and peppermint, chamomile and lavender, and spearmint, apple and cinnamon.

$2.08/share 30% off market price