12 pastured chickens, 3 per monthly pick-up, July–October

Each pick up you will receive 3 chickens (roughly 3-5lbs) and are priced starting as whole birds (learn more about our package options). You will also be given some of Lindsey’s best recipes to help you utilize every single part of the chicken, such as nourishing homemade stocks and broths, gravies, soups and even pate!

Customize your share!
Do you want some variety? Would you really rather have all the chicken cut into pieces for ease of cooking? We want you to enjoy your poultry share experience with us, so we are offering you the option to choose how you receive your chickens. We have priced the CSA as delivering the birds in whole form, but we are also offering processing options. You may simply choose between cut-up, bone-in or boneless breasts and thighs. Personally, we prefer a little variety (1 whole; 1 cut-up, bone-in; 1 boneless breasts and thighs) but the choice is yours!

Cut-up: 8 piece, bone-in (+$1.50): your chicken will be broken up into the following cuts; 2 breast, 2 thigh, 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, all bone-in and skin on. This will come all in the same bag.

Boneless Breast & Thigh ($3.00): your chicken will we processed as boneless, skinless breast and thigh meat.

Additional packaging options
Please contact us if you would like your chicken broken up into separate, vacuum sealed bags for each part (i.e. 2 chicken breast in 1 bag, 2 chicken thighs in another) and we will be happy to help you set this up ($1.25 fee per bird).

The pick up schedule will be provided at a later date once orders are in and processing dates have been set.

Want more than three chickens per pick-up? Buy more than one share—spots are extremely limited so sign up soon!
(A small quantity of chickens may be available for purchase at retail price but this is not a guarantee.)

If you are requesting your chickens to be cut up or deboned, please make sure your total does not exceed three birds. And note that this is how each of your pick-ups will be made ready for you. Questions? Email Lindsey and she will be happy to answer them!