Welcome to Your New Style of Farm Share!

We are excited to be offering something completely new and different from what you are used to.

An annual Farmstead Style share membership runs from June to May and includes 28 boxes standard, with some options for additional shares, as available. Simply put, you get a portion of everything we produce on the farm throughout the entire year. Everything from traditional annual crops like lettuces and root vegetables, to maple syrup, fruit, hand-carved wood utensils, and flowers.

Each Season Will Bring Variety and Fresh Produce

As the time of year changes, so do your boxes. Each pick-up features exciting varieties of produce, flowers, and hand-made goods.


You’ll start your shares in late Spring. Boxes will be filled with early spring crops like greens, peas and small root veggies. The herbs are at their best this time of year, as are the fresh teas so expect to see lots of those. Strawberries will start making their way into boxes in short order. We’ll have our first “Thank-You Dinner ” of the season, welcoming you all to the farm family.

Number of Pick-Ups: June (4)
Spring Thank-You Dinner: Month of June


During the summer months, your weekly box will be filled with an array of vegetables with a focus on greens. A small bouquet of herbs, a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You’ll get whatever fruit is in season. Things like berries, peaches, etc.

Number of Pick-Ups: July (4), August (5)
Summer Thank-You Dinner: Month of June


As we move into the Autumn months, the focus will shift more to root vegetables and storage crops, but still with a focus on greens. Your boxes will start to be picked up biweekly as we get closer to winter, but we will be sure to give you the best of what we have to offer.

Number of Pick-Ups: September (4 ), October (5)
Fall Thank-You Dinner: Month of September


Winter boxes will be very different. Boxes will shift after the end of October, from weekly to monthly. They will include things such as long term storage crops, winter greens, preserved and dried foods and holiday items. November’s box will have a focus around Thanksgiving. December’s box will be your last of the year and include things like gift items; homemade all natural soaps, dried herbs and tea blends, wooden items such as spoons hand carved by Matt, and greenery for decorating.

Maple syrup is mainly produced during February and into the beginning of March. You’ll be invited to “Maple Fest” where you can participate in the boil and collect your bottle of syrup.

Number of Pick-Ups: November (1), December (1)
Winter Thank-You Dinner: Month of December
Maple Fest: Month of February

Additional Benefits Included in Your Membership

“My family and I attended an autumn dinner at Oak and Ash Farm. Lindsey and Matt were gracious hosts, taking the time to walk us around and show us the different parts of the farm. The dinner was amazing! Lindsey and Matt are incredible cooks; serving delicious, locally-procured, home-made food.”

—Brad Turner, Belchertown, MA

Thank-You Dinners

Simply put, it’s a farm to table dinner for our members, included in the price of your CSA. This is a chance to connect with the farm, and the other members and build the community that is Oak & Ash.

Educational Classes

We aim to pass on knowledge of our practices and skills to others. Running a forest farm has lots of different aspects; no dig gardening, regenerative agriculture practices, wood working, food preservation and preparation. We want to share what we are learning, with you. Newsletters will include exclusive access to cooking videos and recipes. On site classes will focus on sharing these farmstead skills with you. Some of these classes will have a paid enrollment, but are always FREE to CSA members, just be sure to sign up for your spot!

Your Very Own Oak & Ash Wooden Crate

Each farmstead share member gets two wooden crates during the year, to rotate through each pick-up. Drop off your empty crate when you stop by, then pick up your full box of fresh produce all ready to go. At the end of the year, you get to keep a crate!

What’s Been in the Farm Share?

So far this summer, we have featured fresh produce such as:

  • lettuce greens
  • heads of lettuce
  • large bunches of radishes
  • potatoes
  • squash blossoms
  • micro greens 
  • bouquets of herbs
  • peas, shoots, and edible flowers
  • garlic scapes
  • fresh teas
  • mixed berries

Items You Can Add to Your Pick-Up

We produce more than just veggies and fruit! These additional items can be added to your farm share for a members-discounted price, and will be packed with your pick-up box.

A sliced loaf of sourdough bread


Lindsey also bakes traditional sourdough breads and English muffins, using all local grains and ingredients. Bread and English muffins (6 packs), will be available weekly. CSA members get these items at a discounted price.

2 bars of blue green soap


Add Lindsey’s hand made, cold processed soap, from our online store. All are made with natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter and natural clays for color, and scented with pure essential oils.

A wooden milking stool and a basket of carved spoons

Wood Products

Matt makes some of the most beautiful timber products. From hand carved spoons and scoops, dough bowls, to furniture. Keep an eye out for these limited run items in the online store.

Signing Up for the Share

Each CSA box is around a $40 value, but you pay only $30!

To sign up for your CSA, simply go to the online store and purchase a farm share. Payment is taken through our secure online payment platform. There is a 10% discount for paying in full at the start of the season. Otherwise, payment is handled quarterly and payment is due 1 month prior. Quarterly payments can be submitted either via online or by check (in person or in mail).

Farm Share sign-up is now finished. Please keep an eye out for our virtual farmstand, where you will be able to order fresh farm produce, breads, and more!

Farm Share sign-up is now finished. Please keep an eye out for our virtual farmstand, where you will be able to order fresh farm produce, breads, and more!

Picking Up Your Farm Share

We will be open for pick-up on Saturdays, from 12:00pm–5:00pm.

243 Allen Road
Belchertown, MA

We provide two wooden boxes at the start of the season. We ask that each week, when you come to pick up your pre-packed box, you leave your empty one from the week prior for us to fill for your next share. You will get to keep one of the boxes at end of the year!

*If you forget your box to swap, we ask that you place your items in a bag, or take a cardboard box we have available, and leave your wooden box behind for the following week’s share.

Our COVID Policy

We follow all local, state and federal guidelines for farm practices during the COVID pandemic. All produce is picked, packaged and stored while wearing masks and gloves. We aim for 100% contactless pick-up, and will even do curb-side pick up if pre-arranged. We are available for in person transactions or questions, following masked guidelines.

Classes and Thank-You Dinners will either be held outdoors while masked or virtually until it is safe to do so otherwise.

Farm Share FAQ

The market garden shed is set up to be completely contactless. You will come to the farm on your designated day, and take your marked box from the fridge. All additional, non refrigerated items like bread or soap, will be available on an adjacent table marked with your name.

All additional items you order in the online store, will be added to your box or be available nearby. With your name on it.

We are working on the logistics of offering delivery for a small fee. Until such time as we can offer this service however, we are more than happy to walk your order over to your car and put it in there for you! Simply call the farm number and we will bring it right over.

Payments can be made in person at the market garden with some notice. Please call the farm ahead of your pick-up day to schedule payment time.

Any available mid season CSAs available will be posted in the online store at a pro-rated rate.

Any quarterly CSA payments not paid 2 months past due will result in a cancelation of the share. You will still be able to purchase available produce in our online store, but will not longer receive you’re share boxes or any other benefits associated with it.